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"Swastika" is a sanskrit word derived from the roots "su" which means goodness, and "asti", to be. Rotating in the correct, clockwise direction, the sacred symbol describes a wheel of positive force, the strength of life and perpectuation of relantionships between fellow man. To reverse direction is negatif. Bali's religion and philosophy is part of island's rich cultural heritage.

The Swastika Bungalow, tucked away under the palms just a few hundred meters from Sanur's golden-sand beach and coral-reef lagoon, is owned and managed by a local Balinese family compound. The friendly service, ever-present smile and attentiveness of staff, is sure to make you feel at home. Watchthe daily routine of placing offreings, or join in the colourful processions and festivals that involve family and village. This is the magic of Bali and part of the island's charm, a unique holiday destination where ancient and modern co-exist in harmony.

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